Large Company, Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Client: HP Graphic Arts

HP Graphic Arts

Program Type: Business to Business (B2B) Search Engine Optimization

The Problem:

KoMarketing was charged with increasing the website traffic and visibility of HP’s Graphic Arts portal website (and the prdecessor HP Designjet Online website as well) while working within HP’s strict limitations of corporate guidelines set for both search engine optimization and website standards. This highly dynamic website serves content across fifty countries, ten languages, and ten vertical markets.

The Steps Taken:

  1. URL Structure – One of the immediate issues that needed to be tackled was the highly complex URL structure of the site. Because the site serves content variations for all of the possible combinations of language, country, and vertical market, the complexity of the structure was hindering a full indexing of the site and preventing the client from achieving full indexing of their site and gaining recognition from the engines for the permanence of the URLs (thus, preventing them from getting the best possible quality scores for each page). KoMarketing completely restructured the URLs to display pages statically and provided unique URL destinations for each country and language combination. These improvements immediately facilitated a deeper crawl of the website and over time improved the quality scoring of the pages.
  2. Website Content – Another item that needed to be addressed quickly was the keyword content of the existing Website content. KoMarketing researched which keywords were currently driving traffic to the site and which terms could potentially drive more traffic, but did not yet exist in the content. Based on these findings, we recommended content revisions, new content additions, and also new ways to deliver content, such as training & support resources and FAQ pages. Many of these pages became primary search destinations for keywords that could not be incorporated into the traditional website content and improved the search engine optimization without disrupting the user experience. Due to the multi-lingual nature of the website and the need for content translation, KoMarketing also developed keyword research and content creation training for each of the country managers responsible for localized content.
  3. Link Building – While the site had high visibility in terms of links pointing to the site, we identified a wide range of additional opportunities to acquire high-value links to the site.  Increasing active inbound links, especially from websites highly correlated to specific vertical markets within the client’s industry and informational links from authority sites, simultaneously increased relevant user traffic and improved the Website’s quality score. As one tactic, KoMarketing created communication templates for the client to use in reaching out to other Websites and bloggers to request inbound links and also put into place an approved process for which KoMarketing could request links for specific types of websites.  As more links were established and more users were able to find the site, the number of passive links also began a marked pattern of growth.
  4. Google Webmaster Tools – Komarketing created a Google Webmaster Tools account to monitor Google’s crawl of the Website. We tracked the frequency and depth of the crawls, as well as where errors existed that prevented a crawl to certain pages. We also created a Google sitemap to ensure that the full catalog of public pages on the site was being presented to Google for its crawl. The Google sitemap was also used to facilitate Yahoo’s crawl of the site.
  5. On-Going Recommendations – As part of an on-going monthly program, KoMarketing continues to provide content evaluation, recommendations for new content & new content types, identify new link opportunities, and manage the overall SEO program for the site. We have worked with the client every month for over three years to continually improve website optimization, facilitating the steady growth of Website traffic and visibility.

The Results:

Quality traffic from search engines has consistently improved over the past 3+ years we have been working with this client.

In one 12-month period we increased overall search engine traffic by 300%.

  • Over the same period, search referrals grew from 6.3% of all traffic to the site to 16.5%
  • The search engine imprint increased from 190,000 pages indexed to 512,000 pages.
  • The number of active links recognized by search engines increased from 29,000 to over 123,000.
  • Keywords we targeted for ranking improvements increased across Google, Yahoo, and MSN. In Google, we moved from 44 keywords ranked in Top 10 positions to 75, and keywords not ranked within the top 50 results dropped from 32 to three.

Our significant success in providing the needed SEO results, and our ability to do so within the limiting corporate guidelines for the website, continues to satisfy this client above and beyond all expectations.

The client continues to entrust its search engine optimization to KoMarketing today.

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Melissa Sopwith

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