B2B Social Media Marketing & Campaign Management

Differentiate the Brand Message, Connect With Key Audiences, Demonstrate ROI

Social media marketing has become a critical element of a strategic B2B marketing initiative. Social media platforms and technology offers B2B organizations the opportunity to build and differentiate the brand message while creating valuable communication with customers, influencers, and prospects.

Social media platforms represent an important component of KoMarketing Associates digital marketing strategy because of the ability to nurture lead opportunities, increase traffic, and acquire quality links and brand visibility.

But there are effective – and very ineffective – ways to participate in social media. Everything we do for our client’s social media initiatives centers around brand strategy, corporate governance, and communication tactics that benefit the community as well as the B2B organization’s goals and objectives.

Critical Components of a B2B Social Media Marketing Program

  • Audience Identification – Who are our target audiences? What are their interests, problems, challenges, and business needs? These are examples of the types of questions we seek to answer in the beginning any social media program.
  • Community Identification – Once target audiences are identified, the next step is defining the communities and platforms where the B2B organizations message will resonate best, driving traffic, awareness, and lead opportunities.
  • Social Media Monitoring – Establishing a “social media dashboard” designed to monitor the use of important keywords, discussions, and activity of target audiences.
  • Editorial Development – The first phase is uncovering the tone and style of communication as well as determining guidelines from brand and marketing communication rulebooks. The second phase is developing scenarios and requisite workflow based possible cause and effect situations.
  • Content Marketing – Quality content is the foundation for all of our ongoing SEO and social media programs. Click here to learn more about our content marketing programs for B2B organizations.
  • Website Reporting and Analysis – Ongoing reporting analysis of key website visitor metrics, search engine and social media metrics, and performance of content and tactics as it pertains to lead generation and sales initiatives.

For a more in-depth explanation of what makes us so successful, check out our case studies highlighting B2B social media program initiatives.

Social Media Communities

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Thought Leadership on B2B Social Media

You’ll find a number of informative articles about social media on our web site, as well through third party contribution and industry participation. Here are select resources for you to begin with:

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