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The challenges of effective B2B Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) go beyond high-priced keyword opportunities. Lead generation effectiveness needs to be measured throughout a prolonged sales cycle. When dealing with a more complex B2B sales initiative, conversions often point to lead nurturing opportunities as much, or more than sales ready submissions.

KoMarketing Associates PPC initiatives go beyond traditional campaign management. We work with the B2B organization to measure leads through the lead management funnel, to sales quotes and (ideally) closed wins.

We use best practice PPC tools and solutions – and sometimes invent a few new ones along the way – to target your search advertising campaigns for high-value leads, increased sales, and lower costs, including not simply lower cost-per-click but lower cost-per-quality-lead and lower cost-per-sale.

Critical Components of a B2B PPC Program

  • Keyword Research – The foundation for any PPC program. Keyword research supports buyer persona development, target markets, and stands as a guideline for lead generation initiatives.
  • Keyword Management – We set and manage keyword bid levels to pre-defined ROI targets, and/or monthly budget levels, and add/delete keywords based on ongoing analysis.
  • Ad Copy Development – Carefully target PPC ad copy is critical for avoiding a high volume of costly, poor-quality clicks. KoMarketing Associates creates & tests new advertising copy for optimal campaign results.
  • Landing Page Optimization – Build out of critical content assets designed to improve keyword visibility and improve PPC performance. All of our content optimization initiatives focus on the prospective customer first, emphasizing user experience and lead acquisition.
  • Content Marketing – Quality content is the foundation for any ongoing PPC program. While we often use assets client designed, our team has the resources to build everything from lead generation assets to landing page templates. Click here to learn more about our content marketing programs for B2B organizations.
  • Website Reporting and Analysis – Ongoing reporting analysis of key website visitor metrics, search engine and social media metrics, and performance of content and tactics as it pertains to lead generation and sales initiatives.

For a more in-depth explanation of what makes us so successful, check out our case studies highlighting B2B search engine advertising program initiatives.

Thought Leadership on B2B Search Engine Advertising

You’ll find a number of informative articles about search engine advertising on our web site, as well through third party contribution and industry participation. Here are select resources for you to begin with:

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Melissa Sopwith

"The team at KoMarketing was great at listening to our organization's needs to ensure they were on the same page with goals and objectives. They provided a clear path for getting to desired results, were fast and flexible when adjustments were needed and above all else, provided the highest level of client service. KoMarketing is a pleasure to partner with!" - Melissa Sopwith, Marketing Manager, Guidon Performance Solutions, a Teletech Company

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