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KoMarketing Associates creates detailed search engine optimization strategies to help companies in the Business to Business (B2B) sector.

Here are generalized versions of some of our resources and guides.

Downloadable SEO Guides and Best Practices

Keyword Research & Page Tagging Guide for Search Engine Optimization

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  • Learn how to develop your company’s keyword set using free and fee-based keyword-research tools
  • The main elements of SEO-friendly page tagging
Guide to Increasing Your Company’s Web Presence Through Link Building

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  • Find out why link building is so important to raising rankings
  • Learn the RIGHT ways to build links
  • See how the WRONG tactics could penalize your site
Guide for Finding an SEO Friendly Website Content Management System

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  • See what fuctionality to look for when your company
    needs a search-engine friendly content-management system (CMS)
  • Learn about the hidden elements that could cost your site high rankings
  • Check out our recommendations

Curated Resources from KoMarketing Associates

Search Engine Specific Research, White Papers, and Downloads

Google Search Quality GuidelinesGoogle Search Quality Guidelines
Google relies on raters, working in countries and languages around the world, to help measure the quality of search results, ranking, and search experience. While Google indicates that search quality rating guidelines are in constant flux, this outline provides insight into how Google thinks about relevance and quality of search results.

Download the full report from Google

Beyond 10 Blue Links: The Future of RankingBeyond 10 Blue Links: The Future of Ranking
The search engine results positions (SERP) landscape is changing, and the future is already here. What used to be 10 blue links in a search result is over. This presentation walks through 85 examples of rich SERPs, and what to do about it.

Access the full presentation on SlideShare

SEO Ranking Factors: Rank Correlation 2013SEO Ranking Factors: Rank Correlation 2013
This white paper deals with the definition and evaluation of factors that have high rank correlation coefficients with top organic search results and aims to
provide a more in-depth analysis of search engine algorithms.

Download the full report from Searchmetrics

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