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Try tapping into B2B decision-makers’ emotions

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Emotion matters.

A recent study from Upshot Marketing revealed that despite the notion that businesses make decisions based on rational thought, their emotions also significantly come into play.

In a whitepaper titled Proving the Value of Emotion in B2B Marketing Communications, researchers displayed a digital magazine concept presented via mood clips to 261 decision makers, and split them up – half viewed a depressing clip and the other half watched an inspirational clip.

What they found was that B2B decision makers who watched the inspirational clip had far different reactions to the concept and their purchasing intent, compared to those who viewed the depressing clip.

"Against all the cynicism surrounding B2B marketing, tapping into people's emotions absolutely has an impact on their reactions to marketing messages," said Lionel Knight, senior vice president of planning at Upshot. "B2B marketers should work to inspire their audience with creativity, be it a conference event, a website, a sales presentation or advertising."

Affecting emotions of business executives via visual stimuli does make a difference and alters the way they react to marketing communications. The blog adds that buying is never purely rational, and that the nature of the emotional reaction to a company or brand will have a "massive" impact on the decision-making process.

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