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Pinterest demographics different in U.K.

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Apple has huge app store.

The massive expansion of Pinterest's user base makes it a prime resource for B2B marketers to share highly visual content – such as infographics with results from a survey or research study, sneak previews of industry events or customer testimonials – with a wide audience to drive traffic to their websites, B2B Marketing reports. And unlike other visual platforms such as Flickr, Pinterest lets users build inbound links to create more SEO-related benefits.

But what type of audience is the site really driving? According to a Pinterest infographic, of its 12,000 unique users in the U.S., the majority (28 percent) are aged 35 to 44, make less than $50,000 per year and, most importantly, are 83 percent female with interests such as crafts, interior design and fashion.

However, Pinterest demographics in the U.K. are far different. A greater percentage (42 percent) of users are younger (aged 25-to-34), wealthier (more than 30 percent make above $150,000 per year) and male (56 percent), with interests in things such as SEO, venture capital and public relations. Should the U.K. Pinterest user catch on in the States, it could turn Pinterest into an even bigger driver of traffic.  

2 Responses to “Pinterest demographics different in U.K.”

  1. BO.LT and Pinterest: Beyond Sharing, Organizing – 10000 Words | Pinterest Says:

    [...] repository of visible information. That means opposite things for opposite people. While in a U.S., Pinterest users are overwhelmingly female, with interests like crafts, fashion, and interior [...]

  2. BO.LT and Pinterest: Beyond Sharing, Organizing | PINTEREST MAKE MONEY Says:

    [...] the vast depository of visual information. That means different things for different people. While in the U.S., Pinterest users are overwhelmingly female, with interests like crafts, fashion, and interior [...]

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