Marketers Struggling to Effectively Use Data and Create ‘Stand-Out’ Emails

Touch EmailThe “Overcoming Marketing Challenges: Email” white paper published by Smart Focus and Econsultancy has revealed that more emails than ever before – 100 billion per day – are being sent to consumers. However, many of them go unseen by their recipients. Approximately 77 percent of marketers are struggling to create “stand-out” emails.

About 47 percent said that they cannot find time to optimize their email campaigns, which results in a decrease in overall digital marketing efficiency. However, the data shows that marketers know what needs to be done to turn around their email campaigns.

Nearly 80 percent said that context is key when communicating with prospects. Real-time data can be used to effectively develop email contextualization, according to the authors of the report.

Using Data to Establish Customer Relationships

In the “Overcoming Marketing Challenges: Data” white paper released by Smart Focus and Econsultancy, it was revealed that 40 percent of marketers are at a “migraine level” when it comes to managing multiple data sources. The authors of the white paper pinpoint data as a primary marketing pain point.

“The main problem appears to be data sources that have been added to a system for operational use over time with no common key,” wrote the researchers.

However, data can be used to marketers’ advantage when it comes to creating contextual emails, according to the white paper. Data can give marketers insight into what their target audience is looking for in real-time.

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