Is SEO on the way out?

Social media more important.

January 17, 2012: According to a recent study from HiveFire, 82 percent of B2B marketers used content marketing to improve SEO in 2011.

Unfortunately, enhanced visibility because of SEO tactics doesn't always translate into increased traffic, Search Engine Land notes.

Marketers should determine if they're focusing on the wrong keywords – such as targeting "marketing speak" phrases instead of terms people actually search for.

Also, analyzing trends such as search query volume can help deduce if search volume for terms a company may have been using for years is declining.

Lastly, looking at how a listing is displayed on search engine results can help judge whether a title tag and meta description is effective or not. If the listing isn't accurate, unique or compelling in some way, users won't click on it.

If all of these aspects have been analyzed and properly altered and a company still isn't seeing results, it may be because of Google's Search plus Your World update – an algorithm that weighs social media signals more heavily than SEO on search engine results.

"Marketers that try to optimize SEO by writing their content based on search queries alone will see a decline in viewership," notes MarketingProfs.

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