Google’s Tag Manager to Simplify Tagging for Marketers

According to an announcement  on the Google Analytics Blog, Google is in the midst of launching its ­“Google Tag Manager,” which will simplify the tagging process significantly for website owners and developers.

Google’s latest feature will allow marketers to focus less on the technical aspect of a marketing campaign by consolidating website tags with a snippet of code, allowing management from a single web interface. Some of the features offered by this new tool, which is compatible with Google and non-Google tags, include easy-to-use tag templates, error prevention tools (preview mode), debug console, and version history. Multiple users can access the manager to incorporate a “team” feel, while customizing rules and macros to track exact desired data.

From the Analytics blog post, Ameet Arurkar, Director of Search Engine Marketing at QuinStreet, says about the new tool, “Google Tag Manager took one big chunk of time out of the tagging process. What took two weeks now takes less than a day—sometimes just hours. We, the campaign managers, now make the call on which tags to use, and we can implement the tags ourselves. Google Tag Manager just makes business sense. Why would we want to manually add hundreds of tags for our pages?”

Google’s Tag Manager should allow B2B marketers (particularly those focused on SEO, PPC, and social media) to spend less time on IT-related challenges and focus on their primary objectives. The usability, multi-log capability, and many other features make this tool a necessity for marketers who are managing and tracking valuable website data.

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William Vuong — William Vuong, Senior Marketing Manager

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