Google Adds More Newsletter Unsubscribe Links for Gmail Users

August 11, 2014: unsubscribeAs more newsletter subscribers see their overcrowded email inboxes overflow with an explosion of information, Google has tried to ease the “unsubscribe” process within Gmail. As a convenience to its users, since February, Google has offered unsubscribe links to the top of many newsletters in Gmail. This feature initially was only in the promotions tab for Gmail users, but now, according to a Google plus post, this feature now appears on social and forums tabs, too.

The Gmail Auto-Unsubscribe Process

What is it?

For Gmail users, Google offers a link labeled “unsubscribe” in the right-hand corner, next to the sender’s address. “Instead of having to hunt around for the tiny “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of a message, you’ll now find the option more prominently displayed in the email header, directly to the right of the sender’s email address, as reported by PC Magazine.

This link gives the user a way to easily remove their email address from the sender’s future mailings. Google does warn it may take a few days to process the request.

Since Google now adds this link to the social and forum tabs, readers have more control over the conversations they want to follow and can discard the ones they don’t.

What this Means for B2B Email Marketers

On the opinion that the removal link will cause more unsubscribes, Tom Sather, senior director of email research for Email Path says, “While this is possible, it’s highly unlikely, and in fact, will likely drive complaint rates lower for brands which will then improve deliverability and increase inbox placement rates.”

With this feature now in promotions, social and forums tabs, readers have a simple way to unsubscribe to messages in multiple areas. This decreases the likelihood they will mark the message as spam and instead, trust relevant messages they will always open in their Gmail inbox.

Since Google bases inbox placement on engagement, with fewer ignored messages and more engagement through opened messages, Google will reward those messages a consistent placement in the inbox, which is a win for email marketers.

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