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Does Klout produce results?

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Can targeting those with the greater online influence really make a difference in a B2B marketing campaign? This is a question that has been raised recently with the rise of online influence sites such as Klout, which measures web users' overall influence across social networks, grading their expertise on certain topics, explains

Targeting and offering perks to those with the highest influence score could be beneficial to B2B marketers, because if they in turn talk about your product or service over social media channels for their thousands (sometimes millions) of followers to see, it could create more traffic in the long run.

What's more, this is seen as easier than searching out influencers, leaving comments on blogs, messaging on Twitter and other relationship-building tactics.

However, BtoB Online explains influence is "in the eye of the beholder," and B2B decisions "are influenced by dynamics that defy simplification."

While it may be easier to blast emails to people with the 50 highest Klout scores, successful B2B marketing takes time – for instance, actual conversations with people over dinner or on the golf course are how marketers foster relationships and close deals, not by relying on a simple number. 

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