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Small Businesses Recognize Social Media Importance; Need Help Optimizing It

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Constant Contact recently released the results of its survey, which polled small companies about their challenges, resources, hiring, and marketing activities.  Of the B2B companies surveyed specifically, 38 percent responded that they place social media fourth in terms of importance, but would consider it more effective if they had help implementing it.

The primary marketing approaches used by B2B companies include email marketing (81 percent), website marketing (70 percent), and in-person interaction (75 percent). The study found that, despite the B2B focus on email marketing, 59 percent feel in-person interaction to be the most effective marketing technique. Of the B2B respondents who participated in the survey, only 11 percent indicated they needed help with email marketing, whereas 47 percent said they could use assistance in the realm of social media.

According to the B2B respondents, 71 percent reported that attracting new customers was the biggest challenge keeping them up at night and 50 percent said engaging effectively was the cause of any lost sleep. However, with proper knowledge of how to implement and benefit from social media, B2B companies believe this channel could become a more effective marketing technique. When used correctly, social media is a highly effective means of attracting and engaging customers, as stated by Lee Odden in Optimize: How to Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing.

Constant Contact believes the lack of social media usage is contributing to the fixed 2012 budgets 60 percent of small B2B companies have experienced. This indicates that these small businesses are doing more with less but could benefit fromthrough acquired knowledge of social media, a strategy that could further the potential for engaging customers and building business in the future.

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