B2B Agency Study Finds Marketing Strategy Top Revenue Generator

December 2, 2014: A new study by B2BMarketing.net titled “B2B Agencies Report 2014″ found that marketing strategy and planning was the top revenue generator for the agencies surveyed.

These results likely indicate that marketing planning and strategy for B2B companies is the most extensive service requested from agencies. Other top revenue-generating services for the B2B marketing agencies polled included website design/development/management, branding, content marketing, and general design/production.

On the flip side, the services that were the least revenue-generating included video, print advertising, telemarketing, and direct mail. This further proves that digital strategy not only is more profitable for B2B marketing agencies, but it also likely corresponds with success for clients as well.

The Most Profitable Digital B2B Marketing Strategies

According to a different study by Experian mentioned on vital.’s website, email marketing is one of the most profitable B2B marketing strategies. For every $1 spent, Experian found that $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment.

Furthermore, a study mentioned by InternetRetailer.com found that B2B companies that had e-commerce websites reported an average of a 4% higher profit margin on overall sales when compared to companies that don’t sell anything online.

However, a more extensive look into any data or surveys that reported on the most profitable B2B marketing strategies mentioned that what is most profitable likely varies from company to company, depending on their efforts, target audience, and industry.

The complete B2BMarketing.net study on trends within B2B marketing agencies can be found for about $236 here.

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