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March 27, 2015: Businessman Attaching Exhibitor Badge To JacketA new report from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research shows that 68 percent of B2B exhibition organizers are engaging – or will engage – in data analytics within the next year.

About 95 percent of people who currently use analytics say they do so to support decision-making efforts for attendee marketing. At the moment, B2B exhibitors are using analytics tools for basic activities — about 82 percent of respondents use general software like Excel and Access, while 76 percent use function-specific tools, such as marketing software or CRM.

March 25, 2015: According to a recent study by Annuitas, nearly 60 percent of marketers in the B2B sector don’t think their marketing campaigns are effective, especially when it comes to demand generation.

Conversely, only about 3 percent of B2B marketers believe their campaigns actually are effective. The data shows that quality of leads was the most important goal for 77 percent of marketers surveyed. The other top answers were volume of leads, brand awareness, customer cross or up-sell and customer retention.

Some of the ways those surveyed determined the success of their demand generation campaigns and efforts included:

March 23, 2015: The “2015 Content Preferences Survey” from Demand Gen has revealed that 67 percent of B2B buyers rely more on content to research and make purchasing decisions than they did a year ago.

When it comes to the types of content being consumed, B2B buyers are exploring a number of different channels. Over the past year, 83 percent of respondents said that they have turned to white papers for research. This is compared to 78 percent recorded in the previous year. Approximately 68 percent of people said that e-books were their go-to pieces of content, up 10 percentage points from 12 months ago.

March 20, 2015: According to Ascend2’s recent “Content Marketing Trends” survey, nearly half of today’s marketers believe video is their most effective form of content while also being the most difficult to create.

The data shows that approximately 46 percent of marketers cite video as their most effective form of content. However, 59 percent said that it is the most challening type of content to develop, putting it at the top of the list.

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Beyond video, approximately 50 percent of respondents cited webinars as the most difficult content to generate, giving it second place on the list. White papers (50 percent) were tied for second, while infographics came in third (34 percent).

March 18, 2015: A new study from Constant Contact, which analyzed more than 2.1 million emails sent by customers on their email marketing platform, found that the more images an email has, the worse it performs in terms of CTR.

Further, the Constant Contact study found that when an email has more than 3 images, the click-through rate greatly drops. While images are typically used to bring messages to life, Constant Contact warns email marketers to “Just remember that with a growing number of people reading emails on mobile, you need to be clear and concise when designing your campaign and avoid overcrowding your emails.”

March 17, 2015: b2b sales positions decrease 22% by 2020Out of today’s approximate 4.5 million B2B sales positions, Andy Hoar believes that 1 million (just over 22 percent) will be displaced five years from now in part from a trend in buyers working with digital products, like websites, algorithms, and other products instead of contacting a B2B salesperson directly. This statement comes from new research by Forrester and covered by HubSpot.

Even though studies have found that nearly all B2B consumers want to talk to a salesperson (91 percent), the need for 24/7 live salespeople just isn’t as prevalent anymore.

March 16, 2015: MillennialsIn a recent survey conducted by Millward Brown Digital and Google, data showed that approximately 46 percent of potential B2B buyers in 2014 were millennials (ages 18-34), a notable increase from 27 percent in 2012.

“By the time millennials joined the workforce, half of all Americans were using email regularly, BlackBerrys had been on the market for several years and search engines were already a part of daily life,” wrote Kelsey Snyder and Pashmeena Hilal of Google. “In other words, millennials are digital natives. If you’re not marketing to this group, you need to reevaluate your strategy, taking into account millennials’ familiarity with digital and how this influences the kind of content and media channels they are using.”

March 13, 2015: A new study published by the IMB Institute for Business Value shows that 36 percent of millennials weigh the opinions of friends or family before making a B2B purchase, making them more “social” than past generations — specifically baby boomers.

Additionally, 56 percent of them feel like they make better decisions at work when they consult a wide variety of people for their input. Researchers discovered that only 49 percent of baby boomers claimed to be motivated in the decision-making process by receiving advice from their colleagues.

March 9, 2015: marketing-analyticsAccording to survey results from ON24, a webinar marketing solution provider, B2B marketers are planning to increase their marketing analytics investments in 2015 as a result of the business value it’s been driving.

The data shows that 87 percent of B2B marketers intend to increase their investments in marketing analytics this year. Additionally, about 97 percent of respondents claim that analytics has made their business more successful.

March 4, 2015: dollar bill and hand holding magnifying glassThe “Marketing Budgets 2015 Report,” recently published by Econsultancy and Oracle Marketing Cloud, shows that paid search is the top digital channel for ROI measurement, beating out more than a dozen other analyzed channels.

According to the data, 52 percent of marketers consider themselves to be “good” at measuring ROI from paid search.  Approximately 44 percent of respondents said they were “good” at measuring ROI from email marketing for acquisition purposes, giving it the second spot on the list. Email marketing for engagement came in third with 39 percent of the response.

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