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August 31, 2015: Monitor screen showing email in the inbox

A new study released by Adobe on Aug. 26 shows that marketers can still gain from email campaigns as Americans continue to heavily rely on email despite the popularity of other digital channels, like social media.

“There’s tremendous opportunity for marketers who perfect their email tactics,” Kristin Naragon, Adobe’s director of email solutions, wrote on the Adobe blog. “Fifty-eight percent of our respondents say that email is their preferred way to be contacted by a brand.”

The Adobe campaign team surveyed 400 U.S.-based workers and also determined that 70 percent check their email while watching TV, 52 percent do so in bed, and 50 percent check it on vacation.

August 26, 2015: New research indicates that although B2B marketers are struggling to generate quality leads, they see their budgets increasing in the near future to assist with their efforts.

The “2015 B2B Lead Generation Report” published by BrightTALK found that generating high quality leads is still the top issue for 59 percent of marketers. However, 58 percent expect their lead generation budget to increase in the coming year.

Lead Gen Budget Trends

Other lead generation challenges for B2B marketers include a lack of resources (61 percent), lack of high-quality data (42 percent) and lack of target audience insight (38 percent). Additionally, 24 percent said they are unsure of how to gauge the conversion success of their lead gen strategy.

August 26, 2015: As the number of online users turning to their mobile devices to access the web continues to grow, research shows that marketers are adjusting their strategies accordingly by devoting more of their budgets to social and mobile.

“The CMO Survey” conducted by the Duke Fuqua School of Business shows that marketers will spend 15.6 percent of their budgets on mobile marketing over the next three years. If this projection holds true, it would represent an increase of approximately 160 percent, as marketers currently devote just 6 percent of their budgets toward mobile.


August 24, 2015: The “Marketing Technology Strategy” survey published by Ascend2 in August 2015 showed that although marketers are still struggling to get their hands on necessary tools, most are seeing a moderate level of technology-related success with their campaigns.

About one third (34 percent) of respondents said they don’t have all of the marketing tools they need or don’t fully utilize what they have. However, 73 percent said their marketing technology strategy is still “somewhat successful” or “very successful,” meaning they achieve their most important objectives.

Screenshot (1)

August 20, 2015: Touch EmailThe “Overcoming Marketing Challenges: Email” white paper published by Smart Focus and Econsultancy has revealed that more emails than ever before – 100 billion per day – are being sent to consumers. However, many of them go unseen by their recipients. Approximately 77 percent of marketers are struggling to create “stand-out” emails.

About 47 percent said that they cannot find time to optimize their email campaigns, which results in a decrease in overall digital marketing efficiency. However, the data shows that marketers know what needs to be done to turn around their email campaigns.

August 19, 2015: Data recently published by inboundli has revealed that B2B content marketers commonly rely on content curation early in the sales cycle to overcome production hurdles such as lack of time, budget and resources.

“This lack of resources, be it time, budget or employees, is the reason curation attracted the attention of marketing departments worldwide,” wrote the authors of the infographic. “It allows you to fill up your content calendar and consistently publish a variety of high-quality content at a fraction of the time and cost that is required for creating content.”

August 17, 2015: The “2015 Lead Nurturing Benchmark Study” published by Demand Generation has revealed that B2B marketers continue to benefit from their lead nurturing efforts. More than a quarter (28 percent) of respondents said they receive a 20 percent of greater increase in sales opportunities from nurtured leads, as opposed to non-nurtured prospects.

Additionally, 26 percent said they get 10-to-20-percent better response from lead nurture campaigns compared to standard campaigns.

Screenshot (3

The biggest benefits of lead nurturing are a better response to campaigns as a result of targeting and relevancy (64 percent) and the opportunity to hone in on prospects based on their interests and behaviors (about 57 percent).

August 14, 2015: Quality links for a website are a strong influencer in Google search results, according to Moz’s “2015 Search Ranking Factors” report released earlier this week.

Links, both domain and page level, were the two top factors in search rankings, the report said. Other important website features are strong keyword and content relevance, quality of content and site speed.

Moz Search Ranking Factors

The report combined a survey of more than 150 search marketers and correlation research of 17,600 queries (a mix of high and low volume keywords). This is Moz’s fourth study of its kind over the last six years.

August 12, 2015: Lightbulb GlowingAccording to a Corporate Visions survey released on Aug. 11, B2B marketers and sales reps are failing to deliver pitches that are believed to differentiate them from the competition and close more deals.

The data shows that approximately 47 percent of respondents’ pitches are not focused on the appropriate messages. Further, just 17 percent said that their pitches are different from the competition. While 41.5 percent believe leading off a sales pitch with an “unconsidered need” or by addressing an opportunity that prospects didn’t know they had could be beneficial, only 14 percent are doing so.

August 10, 2015: According to a CMO Council white paper titled, “The Path Forward: Marketing’s Outlook into the Digital Future,” today’s CMOs are looking beyond traditional resources to tackle a variety of digital challenges.

The data shows that about 83 percent of respondents are seeking specialized solutions that are not found in traditional ad agencies. They are doing so to overcome some of the top challenges they’re facing, including managing the explosion of customer data, analyzing data to personalize marketing communications, and exploiting new channel and device choices.

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