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November 25, 2015: Mobile-With-CoffeeAs marketers turn their attention to video as a content asset, more people are utilizing mobile devices to watch them. New research from Yahoo has revealed that smartphone video views are up 55 percent year-over-year, while tablet views have increased 48 percent.

Both tablet and smartphone views are outpacing PC and laptop views, which have seen a 34 percent year-over-year rise.

“While there’s no denying the growth of mobile, it’s not a mobile-only world and marketers need to think cross-screen when developing their ad campaigns,” Andrew Snyder, vice president of content strategy and solutions at Yahoo, told Marketing Dive. “Marketers should also focus on keeping their ads short to create the best possible experience.”

November 24, 2015: New research suggests that marketers are beginning to see the benefits of utilizing data-centric tools, as 64 percent “strongly agree” that data-driven marketing is critical to success in a hyper-competitive global economy.

Furthermore, 47 percent believe that there are several tangible benefits linked to using data-driven marketing. Departing from the traditionally siloed organizational approach to leveraging data, 53 percent of today’s marketers state that there is an enterprise-wide vision for data analytics within their company.

“It’s encouraging that more departments across the enterprise are recognizing the value of using data to engage customers,” said Bruce Rogers, chief insights officer and head of the CMO Practice for Forbes Media. “But this report also shows that for many organizations, challenges remain.”

November 23, 2015: As B2B marketers look to better understand their customers, research shows that understanding the buyer’s journey is giving them leverage. A new survey from Akoonu has found that 91 percent of respondents who have visualized buyer personas and created buyer journey maps believe they have an in-depth view of their customers.

Just 50 percent who did not create buyer personas and buyer journey maps said that they had a firm grasp on their target audience.

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November 20, 2015: The revenue resulting from marketing campaigns and the volume of leads generated are the two most common ways today’s B2B marketers are measured for success, according to a new survey by 6Sense.

Seventy percent of marketers use these metrics to determine if marketing strategies and tactics are viable. The quality of leads (as evidenced by the number of leads that the sales teams accept) was also an essential metric named by 60 percent of the respondents.


November 20, 2015:

A recent report from Follow Analytics shows that 64 percent of marketing decision-makers across enterprise brands say the top priority of their mobile app is to improve the customer experience and foster customer loyalty. Many of these businesses are using a CRM platform to inform their mobile marketing and meet these goals.

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These findings indicate a shift in mobile app purpose from transactions and social sharing to customer experience, researchers note.

Fifty percent of respondents believe a mobile CRM helps them provide a seamless experience across multiple devices. According to researchers, “customers now expect 1:1, personalized interactions that are connected across devices and channels, meaning behavior and triggers in one place influences others.”

November 19, 2015: As B2B marketers continue to strive to engage their target audience, new data indicates that companies across the globe will spend $100 billion on content marketing and thought leadership by the end of the year.

Furthermore, this number could soon triple as about 80 percent of B2B marketers said that they intend to significantly increase their spending on content marketing and thought leadership within the next three years.

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“As more organizations adopt a thought leadership approach, it is going to be increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd,” said Guy Dunn, CEO of Euromoney Institutional Investor Thought Leadership. “Marketers will need more compelling content, greater access to high-level audiences and more innovative means of delivery to achieve success.”

November 18, 2015: As B2B marketers struggle to drive awareness through email, new research suggests that it may be due to recipients’ instincts to instantly delete. The “2015 B2B Participation Survey” from Iris has found that 63 percent of respondents delete emails they don’t like to read without opening them first.

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When it comes to recipient preferences, about 70 percent stated that they want to receive marketing emails that lead with example-driven content. Approximately 66 percent also want them to be professional, rather than overly friendly. Taking these statistics into account could help reduce the number of emails that find their way into the “trash.”

November 13, 2015: Three out of four marketers in Asia are prioritizing inbound efforts, with growing SEO/organic traffic and creating blog content topping the list of activities being put into action, a new study by HubSpot finds.

The top priorities for marketers in Asia (regardless of company size) are generating contacts/leads and converting them into customers. The survey included responses from about 360 marketers from all over Asia representing small businesses and enterprise-level companies.

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Proving return on investment (ROI) was both a priority and a challenge and the study found a strong correlation between measurement of ROI and securing additional budget for their efforts.

November 11, 2015: As B2B marketers continue to collect more data, they are beginning to more closely define goals for the information at their fingertips. The “Data-Driven Marketing Trends Survey” report from Ascend2 has found that 60 percent of marketers consider personalizing the customer experience to be their top data-driven marketing objective. Other goals include measuring data-driven marketing ROI (51 percent), targeting individual market segments (50 percent), and acquiring new customers (41 percent).

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November 10, 2015: Marketers may be able to identify their target audience, but new research suggests that reaching every key buyer requires a multicultural approach. Smartling published a report on Nov. 3 that found that while 49 percent of marketers’ customer base is outside of the U.S., 48 percent claimed that they do not have a budget set for international translation.

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Just 15 percent of marketers said they were confident that their messages were resonating with international customers. And only 14 percent stated that their company generates original content and also hire local marketers where their business is expanding.

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