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Small Conversion Actions are Better than No Conversion Actions

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While researching keywords for a client, I came across an excellent article (from their competitors) that ranks highly for a particular keyword opportunity. I’m sure the author gets good search engine traffic as a result of the keyword ranking.

However, when I finished reading the piece, I realized there was nothing left to do but go back to the search results I’d previously seen. With limited navigation and no easy-to-find action at the bottom of the page, it was too easy just to click away.

I wondered how many other searchers had a similar experience. Did other users also have a desire to “do more” only to lose interest because hitting the “back” button was simpler than using a clunky navigational stream?

The point is that every web page should have some form of “conversion action”, even if that conversion is only trying to get users to read related material on other pages of the site.

Simple enhancements marketers can make to increase engagement on individual web pages:

  • Cross-links to related articles or site resources
  • The ability to comment, rate or review the page
  • Cross-links to related products and services
  • Clear & concise navigational elements

However don’t take this recommendation to the other extreme. Not that every page requires a registration form (in fact, there may be very good reasons not to require them). Just don’t leave your visitors without a place to go when they finish reading the content you’ve spent so much time developing.

In the end, getting more out of your web pages, even when it’s only a simple conversion action, provides a better opportunity for the real conversions your business needs.


4 Responses to “Small Conversion Actions are Better than No Conversion Actions”

  1. bruno roldan Says:

    Indeed, you make a great point, all entry pages are in fact “landing pages” and landing pages need to be optimized for both traffic and increased conversion rates.

  2. David Ogletree Says:

    Does having a phone number on the page count and if so do you need to tell people to call the number.

  3. Derek Says:

    Hi David – I think it depends on site design/layout. For example, we have the phone number on the page but because it’s part of the universal navigation I would not count it.

    If getting someone to call is the conversion goal, providing some more detail (either with supporting text or design) to make the number stand out could make sense.

  4. David Dutch Says:

    the goal of every blog should be “where to next” at least use anchor text to take the reader on down the funnel to a potential sales/lead generation opportunity

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