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Search Marketing Digest – Search Marketing Articles Written the of Week of July 9, 2007

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It’s been a busy week for certain! Here is a look at some of the key articles and blog posts we found this week, related to the world of online marketing.

  • Keyword Research
    Doing keyword research? Search Engine Land takes a look at various tools webmasters can use for keyword research.
  • Wikipedia
    SEO by the Sea highlights a recent paper that explores the idea of using pages like those found in Wikipedia results to try to resolve confusion in reference when someone performs a search for a person or place in a search engine.
  • Search Usability
    An interesting interview between Gord Hotchkiss and Jakob Nielson, discussing universal search, search personalization and search results in 2010.
  • Yahoo Search
    Yahoo has added a search suggestion feature to it’s search box on the home page, which attempts to give searchers relevant options for what they may be intending to enter as their search query.
  • Blog Motivation
    There are definitely times in the lifetime of a blog where the author questions what or why they are doing it. Sheila Beal at Marketing Pilgrim offers 9 tips to help bloggers avoid negativity in their blogging endeavors.

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