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How to Craft a B2B Email Marketing Strategy That Works

Written by Kelsey Jones March 18th, 2014

Email marketing is one of the main cornerstones of several B2B marketers’ strategies. However, there is definitely a wrong and a right way to do email, especially in the age of email overload, which we as business professionals have been feeling for several years already. After all 91% on consumers open email every day, according to ExactTarget via HubSpot.

However, when done right, email marketing can have great open and click-through rates, as well as a guaranteed sales generator for your business. Position2 states that the average email ROI for B2B marketers is a respectable 127%. No matter the industry, following basic guidelines about emails that have great design, timing, and content are going to succeed better than your spam-like competitors.

5 Key Considerations for Setting Up a Baidu PPC Account

Written by Lena Xu March 13th, 2014


Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine and holds more than a 60% share in the Chinese search engine market. Worldwide, Baidu is the 5th largest destination online, in terms of traffic ranked relative to other sites, based on data from

As such, Baidu presents an attractive opportunity for B2B marketers looking to achieve visibility in the Chinese market. Baidu PPC Advertising is one mechanism for B2B companies to enter Chinese market via online marketing.

Unfortunately, setting up a PPC Advertising initiative through Baidu isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially for those B2B marketers used to Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter; even though the functionality is quite similar, administration is considerably different.

Announcing The Inaugural B2B Web Usability Report

Written by Derek Edmond March 10th, 2014

The Inaugural B2B Web Usability Report
Towards the middle of last year, Dianna Huff reached out to Casie Gillette and me with a simple idea: We’d seen many reports on how B2B buyers find information online and what tactics B2B marketers were using to reach target audiences, but we couldn’t find anything of significance when it came to the buying experience once that buyer actually got to the vendor website.

  • What elements of the B2B vendor site were most valuable?
  • What elements supported trust and credibility?
  • What elements were frustrating, annoying, and absolute show stoppers?

Who Is Your B2B Customer & How Do They Find You?

Written by Abe Bellini March 6th, 2014

C-level executives need to stay informed about their target audiences, and the best B2B marketers find ways to make sure that understanding scales across the organization.  For this reason, it’s important to develop a cohesive marketing strategy that employs people at various levels of the organization who can effectively speak to the products and services of the company, and to the target markets those products will benefit.

The following is a list of ideas B2B organizations can use to identify and reach their target audiences:

The LinkedIn Publishing Platform Puts Power in the Hands of the B2B Buyer

Written by Derek Edmond March 3rd, 2014

Linkedin LogoThis past month LinkedIn announced they will be opening up the ability for every user to publish their own content on LinkedIn, through individual profiles. This functionality had only been open to a select group of “Influencers”, of which an initial 150 were selected to pilot the program and several more were added throughout the past year or so.

According to the LinkedIn blog post, influencer posts have been very successful, averaging more than 31,000 views and receiving more than 250 likes and 80 comments per post.

How Much Emphasis Should B2B Marketers Put in Yahoo Search?

Written by Derek Edmond February 27th, 2014

Yahoo Search Market ShareEarlier this month, news broke that Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer had started initiatives to get the company back into building its own search technology. This sparked debate amongst industry thought leaders on whether Yahoo could still be a viable player in the search engine market, as detailed on Search Engine Roundtable.

For B2B Marketers, Yahoo simply has not been a source of important SEO emphasis for many years, even though we often talk about SEO for “the big three” (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). Yahoo search has always been a consistently low percentage performer for B2B sites we manage, and the Bing & Yahoo search deal made it even less of a focus. But Mayer’s news, coupled with recent trends in a few key client accounts, made me interested in digging deeper.

Survey Says: Slow Web Page Load Time Hurting B2B Vendors

Written by Casie Gillette February 24th, 2014

It’s no secret that consumer expectations regarding their online experience have risen over the past few years. They want information, they want it now, and if you aren’t giving it to them in that manner, they’ll simply go someplace else.

This is exactly what we found when we conducted research for our 2014 B2B Web Usability Report (Stay tuned! The full survey results will be released next month). Of the total B2B buyers surveyed, 66% said a slow site would cause them to leave the site immediately. Can you imagine losing 66% of your visitors before they even see your content? Yikes!

Slow Load Time B2B Survey

Successful B2B Marketing is Optimized For Users First

Written by Kelsey Jones February 20th, 2014

Yes, B2B marketing is businesses marketing to businesses. But when it comes down to who is actually is making the decision, it is still a human being who says yes or no and signs the checks. This means that B2B marketers still need to appeal to individual human emotions, communications, and reasoning.

Taking marketing back to a human level can help create engaging campaigns that not only showcase a company’s value to other businesses, but also promotes a human connection that just can’t be created between organizations.

3 Ways B2B Companies Can Maximize Existing Content for SEO

Written by Dennis Cohen February 18th, 2014

Many of the industry leaders I follow have conflicting opinions about what online marketing trends will take place in 2014. While some believe SEO will become increasingly important, others say that SEO is dying, fearful of new Google algorithms updates and the demise of guest posting. My not-so-bold prediction for 2014 is that content creation will continue to be one of the best ways to earn links and drive traffic to websites.

15 of Our Favorite B2B Content Marketing Tips

Written by Ryan Young February 13th, 2014

“Content is king.” We’ve all heard it and statistics back up the fact it’s likely here to stay. In fact, 82% of marketers plan to increase their content creation efforts in 2014. However, effectively planning and executing a B2B content marketing strategy is not something that can be achieved overnight. The proper people, tools, and strategies all need to be in place before the content ship can sail.