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November 5, 2009:

mea culpa

What do I always tell clients, family, friends, cocktail party-goers (whose eyes glaze over as they get the answer), etc. when they ask about how social media can really benefit a non-consumer-products company (i.e. B2B social media)?

Build relationships.  Strengthen relationships.  Be genuine.  Add value.

I always add something like “social media can help with driving traffic to your site and building links for SEO, but that isn’t the main goal.” (clients seem to enjoy this; friends, family, cocktail-party-goers – not so much).

And I believe it when I say it – and I believe it now.

September 25, 2009: What are you doing to establish trust in your personal or company brand today? Trust is a core component of a successful social media strategy. Without it, your promotional efforts may fall flat and your message often goes unheard or unread.

How do you establish trust online? One way is to help other colleagues in their endeavors online as well.

Unfortunately, trust is not established overnight. It’s going to take time, development and sound execution in order to be successful. That said, there are little things the online marketer can start doing today to get the ball rolling.

April 10, 2009: When most people think “search engine optimization” they think “title tags”, “keywords” and “content”.  The majority don’t realize that the technical elements also play a very large role in how successful a site becomes.

The cleaner a site is “technically” the easier it will be for search engines and users to find it.  All the on-page optimization in the world can’t help your site if no one sees it.

What got me thinking about this?

Today I was day dreaming about food (per usual) and I decided to see if there were any deals on gift certificates.   I typed into my address bar and what did I get?  An error page!

March 31, 2009: dizzysmileBusinesses are constantly hearing about the new “hot” site or the success of someone else in social media and think they too should be jumping right in there.   What people fail to see is that social media isn’t something you become great at overnight.  These success stories didn’t happen because someone at the company simply signed up.

Social media takes work and it can certainly be overwhelming to get started with.  The good news is that there are a number of people out there who know what they are talking about.

March 11, 2009:


Recently a client was telling me about their Pay Per Click (PPC) program, and how there was an expectation from senior management that they always be present for a particular keyword.  A 1-word keyword.  In a competitive (i.e. expensive) keyword space.

I was saying that it is too bad that they were being asked to waste so much money.  And it is a waste!

But, I was surprised when they told me about a little trick they were using – only displaying their PPC ad for that keyword when and where the CEO would likely be!

February 25, 2009: Aaron Wall just wrote an important post on SEO and the impact of brand strength in relation to competitive keyword visibility. The team at SEO Book provided examples of highly competitive keywords and the recent surge in brand-specific website rankings.

What’s important to note is that in some situations, companies clearly are adopting SEO best practices as it pertains to the keyword visibility in onpage elements like HTML title tags, Meta Descriptions and web page copy (“airline tickets” is a good example of major airlines optimizing their respective home pages). In other cases, strong brands rank incredibly well with very little keyword relevance on the page (check out Timberland for “boots” and the majority of search results for “watches“).

January 14, 2009: This past Monday I attended the Publicity Club of New England’s event, Best Practices in Social Media PR: A View from the Frontlines. (I’d link to the specific event, but apparently they do not archive past events online). Moderated by Kel Kelly of Kel & Partners, the session included four panelists – A.J. Gerritson of 451 Marketing, Mike Hollywood of Cone, LLC, Dianne Huff of DH Communications and Ted Weismann, Lois Paul & Partners – who each presented case studies of social media strategies in action with their clients.

December 22, 2008: I came across this neat site – – when I was searching in Google Images for “word clouds” and “tag clouds” for a presentation.

The basic premise is that you can either enter a bunch of text or put in a URL that has an RSS feed, and Wordle will produce a great graphic of the essence of the text in a word/tag cloud.

What’s even cooler is that you can play around with the display and make a work of art – layout of the words & color scheme.  You can even submit your creation to a gallery to share with the world (optional).

November 17, 2008: One of the most challenging elements of social media is the justification of its use for business purposes. There is clear debate on the ROI of social media strategies, like company blogging, social networking (like Linkedin or Facebook) or the contribution to social media news outlets (such as Digg or Reddit).

There is more to social media than traditional conversion rates or a cost per acquisition metric.

This weekend, Motrin was able to provide us with another example of why social media strategies need to become a part of any business’s online marketing mix, beyond the direct ROI implications.

October 20, 2008:

Download the PDF Version of the Article

A few weeks back (September 24, 2008), I attended the first meeting of the Boston SEMPO group.

The topic of the panel discussion was “No More Silos: Search and Marketing Must Sit at the Same Table.”

Because I helped organize the event, I had some time prior to the event to think about the topic, and then the panel discussion further enriched the thought process.

The basic concepts were:

1) In order for search marketing efforts to be success, there needs to be support from the general marketing functions at a company.

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