32 Tips for Using Social Media

March 31, 2009: dizzysmileBusinesses are constantly hearing about the new “hot” site or the success of someone else in social media and think they too should be jumping right in there.   What people fail to see is that social media isn’t something you become great at overnight.  These success stories didn’t happen because someone at the company simply signed up.

Social media takes work and it can certainly be overwhelming to get started with.  The good news is that there are a number of people out there who know what they are talking about.

I have collected 32 of the best tips from some really smart folks out there on using social media:

  1. Be an Active Participant
  2. Be Yourself, Not Just Your Business
  3. Have a Complete Social Media Profile
  4. Do not ignore the simple concept of “transparency”
  5. Have a nice photo – meaning one that represents you
  6. Engage in conversation, don’t dominate it
  7. Use the same avatar for each service
  8. Being present is not enough
  9. Don’t do it until you are ready to execute and follow through
  10. Know why you’re using a service
  11. Test the waters
  12. Think execution before activation
  13. Understand your targeted social media channel
  14. Make sure you set your baseline and determine your goals
  15. Focus – Pick a handful of services and sites to put a lot of energy into
  16. Embrace experimentation as a way of life
  17. Give Your Program Resources
  18. Make it easy for people to share and bookmark your content
  19. Be grateful to those that refer to your brand, even when negative
  20. Don’t spam
  21. Help Out Others
  22. Give away your own knowledge
  23. Give More than You Receive
  24. If you mess up, say sorry fast
  25. Influence the Influencers
  26. Never pitch your business
  27. One Size Does NOT Fit All
  28. Stay Committed
  29. Submit it & forget it
  30. Create a Friending Strategy
  31. Respect the user’s time
  32. Reward Your Audience

There is so much information out there on social media, getting started and being successful but I would definitely recommend visiting the websites referenced above.  These tips come from some great authors and experts in the industry.

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