10 Reasons Why You Wish You Had My Internship

August 8, 2007: #10. What it offers: All the Diet Coke You Can Drink.
I generally stick to water, but if I ever get that caffeine urge I know the fridge here is faithfully stocked. The day we’re out of Diet Coke is the day I can walk to Hell and pick one out of its newly frozen over snow banks. And I like it that way.
Why you want it:
Two years of non-stop Diet Coke drinking is great. The impressive part is that in two years the cans have neither been thrown out nor recycled, resulting in the following:

550+ cans, a little brand marketing, and an intern on a lazy Friday is a great thing.

#9. What it offers: Google AdWords Certification
That’s right. I am certified as a Google Adwords Professional. Not only does it look great on a resume and give us access to cool jpeg files to put on the website (I can’t believe I just said “cool jpeg files”). It also works to further the idea that your friends and family think you work for Google because no matter how hard you try they still don’t understand what you do for a living.
Why you want it:
Because you’re an SEO nerd and you eat, drink, sleep, and breathe Google. Duh.

#8. What it offers: You Get to Stumbleupon Delicious Things to Digg!
Part of being an intern here means keeping up with the latest trends. This means a portion of your job forces you to use MySpace, Facebook, and Digg, as well as hunting down new and innovative web 2.0 sites to slowly consume the rest of your life not already earmarked for sleeping and eating. It’s a tough job but someone has to be keeping up with where the best rock climbing rocks are. And figuring out how stuff like this gets viral.
Why you want it:
I get paid to use Facebook and Digg. Think about it. (You’d be a millionaire by now, wouldn’t you?)

#7. What it offers: Working in a Cutting Edge Field
SEO hasn’t been around that long. Everything is new and still evolving (plus it doesn’t hurt that Google changes their algorithm every couple of months). It’s exciting to be in a field where the potential to be innovative and to be an industry leader aren’t limited to “the big guys” who’ve been doing it for 50 years. It’s about knowing people and their search trends and habits. Even as an intern, I’m already an expert in some of those things because I search everyday!
Why you want it:
If the buzz words “cutting edge field” didn’t hook you, you may want to check your pulse. Cutting Edge!!! Come on, who doesn’t want to be a part of that!?

#6. What it offers: Real Work Taste (half the calories)
Coffee runs, making copies (feel free to use your best Rob Schneider imitation), hours of data entry, and mundane filing. A typical internship. Not here, though, (okay I do have some data entry projects) but for the most part it’s a wide array of tasks from helping develop client social networking strategies, to competitor analysis, to blogging, to website maintenance. They’ve got me doing it all. It’s a nice change of pace from the “typical internship.”
Why you want it:
While head¬-coffee-getter might be the only real starting point for you to break into your particular industry… there’s something about knowing that you have more 1-on-1 time with the copier in a day than most people have in a year that doesn’t scream resume.

#5. What it offers: Meaningful Contributions
I do work that actually contributes to the success of our clients, plain and simple. That’s huge.
Why you want it:
It feels better knowing that a document you created is being used by executives at other companies to make decisions than it does knowing that everything in the filing cabinets is finally ordered both alphabetically and by date, color code, and Dewey decimal system.

#4. What it offers: This Blog
While other interns are doing their TPS reports. I’m exercising my creative muscle coming up with blog post ideas, reading industry blogs, and even banging out my own posts (like this gem, right here).
Why you want it:
In a world where interns are stereotypically treated like fraternity pledges (sans the beer), I am allowed to have a voice and be an actively involved member of the industry. And I’m not forced to endure cruel pledge nicknames. (Although I believe I’ve been referred to as “Home-slice” more than once here :-P)

#3. What it offers: A Résumé to Die for
Not literally, that would be very counter productive. But going back to #9, 7, 6, 5, and 4: This is all stuff that goes beyond a “typical” intern job description and, dare I say, moves toward “real world” job experience.
Why you want it:
It’s perfect place if you’re looking for a great resume builder. Come on, who doesn’t want a great resume?

#2. What it offers: Fun Fun Fun!
On top of the grueling hours, torturous assignments, and slave driver work mentality…everyone actually manages to have fun here (I know… weird, right? ;) ). From in-depth fantasy baseball discussions, to brainstorming new ideas for karenthehorse.com (shameless plug alert). Who could want anything more than to hang out with fun people all day and enjoy being at work?
Why you want it:
Ok seriously, if you need me to list the reasons why you would want a job that is fun and enjoyable…you are beyond saving.

#1. What if offers: Vice Presidency

My boss is the president of the company, which is one of the many upsides to working at a small company. It’s not often that an intern gets to speak candidly with the president as often as they do here. And if my boss is the president, I think that makes me VP of something. Yea, I’m pretty sure it does. (We can talk about my raise later). Also, we get along very well with each other, which is nice. He has made a point to make my time here both educational and enjoyable.
Why you want it:
There are few things more important in the workplace than having a good relationship with your boss. It just keeps everyone happy. Plus you can tell all your friends that you’re the vice president of…whatever.

You know, for sneaking in my own boss as the number one reason you wish you had my internship, I didn’t come off as that much of a suck up (ok, maybe a little bit). Anyways, If you’re looking for an internship in the future, and you enjoy diet coke, google, social networks, CUTTING EDGE!!, meaningful work, blogging, and having a good time…seriously, check this out. Just wait for me to leave first…please.

  • http://www.komarketingassociates.com/ Derek Edmond

    What about Excel sheets? Lots and lots of Excel sheets – those are pretty fun…

  • casieg

    very funny…man you are a hilarious intern :P

  • http://www.snowbound.com John Johansen

    Man, I’m on the wrong side of this SEO game.

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