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Joe Vivolo is the Director of Search Engine Advertising for KoMarketing.

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Getting the Most Out of Google Shopping as a B2B E-Commerce Vendor

Written by Joseph Vivolo February 3rd, 2014

Google Shopping is one of the more underutilized PPC strategies for B2B companies, especially those that have an e-commerce component to their online marketing strategy.  Why?  Because many B2B marketers fail to realize that Google Shopping is now integrated with AdWords, putting this area of prime real estate in search results in optimal paid advertising position.

Shopping Results in Paid Listings

Because the Google Shopping results utilize photos, they tend to draw more attention than the other text ads on the page. Google Shopping results also send searchers directly to product listings, arguably making the path to conversion easier.

Three Critical Factors in Choosing a B2B Retargeting Solution

Written by Joseph Vivolo November 19th, 2013

Last month, we wrote a blog post on retargeting, including best practices, and why retargeting (or remarketing) was an important tool for B2B marketers. Given that less than 2% of online visitors (according to Optify’s B2B Marketing Benchmark Report) convert to customers, retargeting can become a complementary tool for bringing back potential lead opportunities that did not “convert” in a first visit.

While there are many remarketing/retargeting services, we often get asked how to choose one over another. In other words, why should B2B marketers use a retargeting solution other than Google AdWords?

In my opinion there are three critical factors B2B marketers need to evaluate when choosing a remarketing vendor. The objective of this post is to look at these factors in greater depth and identify why you might choose Google Remarketing (over a competitive vendor).

A Guide to Retargeting (Remarketing) for B2B Marketers

Written by Joseph Vivolo October 7th, 2013

B2B Marketing Budget Spending by ChannelAccording to research from American Business Media, B2B marketers are set to make increasing investments in digital advertising, specifically through search engine and mobile advertising, in the coming year, as detailed in a recent article from eMarketer.

A critical reason search engine advertising in particular is attractive for B2B marketers is because of the immediacy in performance measurement. Cost per lead, cost per acquisition, or cost per sale can easily be defined with PPC.

As these digital channels help pave the way for marketing initiatives in the coming year, B2B marketers need to consider options for investing their advertising dollars in the most effective tactics even within search advertising.

Retargeting (or Remarketing) is one such related option. This blog post will specifically explore retargeting as a tactical initiative for B2B marketers, including background, myths and misconceptions, and best practices.

Ways B2B PPC Advertisers Deal with Ad Blindness on Google AdWords

Written by Joseph Vivolo June 27th, 2013

There are many of us that have the unique position of having to write hundreds or thousands of lines of creative for the B2B audience (or god forbid, other marketers).   For this exercise let’s assume that all ads are created equally and they all are exactly as compelling to the average B2B buyer.  In that case, we must take important strides to do what we can to make sure our ads stand out in a sea of similar advertisements.

We can do this by maximizing geography and ensuring visibility.

How B2B Ecommerce Vendors Can Get Listed in AdWords Seller Ratings

Written by Joseph Vivolo May 30th, 2013

Getting listed on Google AdWords Seller Ratings can have a host of benefits for the B2B ecommerce vendor; however this isn’t the easiest or most transparent of processes. You cannot opt in to Seller Ratings and it is not a readily available social extension through the AdWords interface. Instead, Seller Ratings consist of reviews from a select set of shopping and merchant portals across the web. Only these specific sites are recognized by Google merchant program and allow for their ratings to be shown in search results.

AdWords Seller Ratings

You’re Not eBay. Why Paid Search Still Makes Sense for B2B Marketers

Written by Joseph Vivolo April 23rd, 2013

A recent study released by eBay, “Consumer Heterogeneity and Paid Search Effectiveness: A Large Scale Field Experiment” refutes the value of paid search and claims an overall ineffectiveness both of branded and non-branded keyword ads.

Over a specified test period, eBay conducted a series of SEM campaign experiments that stopped running paid queries for brand based keyword strings in search results to determine if organic results picked up the clicks of the forgone advertisements. In addition, eBay selected a group of test cities in the US to cease all non-branded keyword advertisements as well, their tests initially found that in these areas revenue was not affected by the cessation of paid ads.

4 Ways B2B Marketers Can Grow Their Retargeting List Size

Written by Joseph Vivolo May 24th, 2012

Retargeting (also called remarketing) is the act of serving display advertisements to users who have viewed specific pages on your web site as they browse other sites across display networks on the web.  It is an extremely effective and valuable method for interacting with your customer base.

So why aren’t more B2B advertisers utilizing it?

Problem: You are a specialized consulting firm and your site only averages about 10,000 unique visitors every month.

Obviously these are very valuable page views but it’s hard to get excited about spending 20 dollars a week on remarketing ads, nor is it easy to justify the time and resources that go into creating pages, developing ad creative, and managing the process.

A Collection of Must Have Links for Google AdWords FAQ

Written by Joseph Vivolo January 12th, 2011

As AdWords has hundreds of individual pages with tips, help files, and tutorials I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of some of the questions I get over and over by seasoned advertisers and newbies alike.

Please browse the following list for some of the most commonly referenced AdWords questions and its corresponding page in the AdWords Help Center.

A Closer Look at Google Grants

Written by Joseph Vivolo August 13th, 2010

What is the Google Grants Program?

If you are currently working, own, or operate a 501(c)3 non-profit organization you may be eligible to receive an advertising grant from Google to raise awareness for your program through Paid Search advertising.

Here are the basic requirements:

  • You must have a website, and your ads must link to a page on your website.
  • The keywords you target must be relevant to your programs and services.
  • Your website cannot display revenue generating ads, such as Google AdSense or affiliate advertising links, while participating in Google Grants.