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Why You Should Be a Fan of Facebook Fan Pages

Written by Bill DeRusha February 5th, 2009

petrockIn this day and age, if you haven’t heard of facebook you are pretty out of the loop. Even the rock you’re living under has a facebook page now! But if you haven’t thought about using facebook to promote your business, or you have but don’t know where to start, you aren’t alone.

PPC Toolbox Series: Keyword List Generator

Written by Bill DeRusha September 22nd, 2008

PPC Toolbox is a series of posts that highlight and explain the PPC tools that we are developing here at KoMarketing Associates to facilitate pay-per-click campaigns.

Follow this link to try our Keyword List Generator

In order to run a successful PPC campaign you have to have ads showing for high-value keywords that are relevant to your business. One aspect of this process is making sure you’ve covered all of your bases in terms of synonyms and variations of similar keywords.

To Follow, Or Not To Follow, That Is The Question.

Written by Bill DeRusha October 25th, 2007

The answer: NoFollow Free WordPress Plugin

This plug-in, developed by Michele Marcucci, is a great solution to the problem of giving good commenters with relevant comments (and links) some “link juice” while preventing spammers from taking advantage of it.

Here are some of the features of the plugin:

  • Remove No Follow from: Author Link, Registered Authors Link, Comment Text Links, and/or Registered Comment Text Links
  • Customize a prerequisite number of comments needed before no follow will be removed
  • Blocked words that will never have no follow removed (to prevent spamming)

Using FeedFlares to Customize Your Posts Through FeedBurner

Written by Bill DeRusha August 23rd, 2007

FeedBurner (which was recently acquired by Google – congrats) has many great features, reporting tools, and customizable options to fulfill all of your RSS feed subscriber’s needs. Today I’d like to discuss the FeedFlare functionality. To get to the FeedFlare portion of your FeedBurner account, simply log in to your account and go to the optimize tab. FeedFlare will be in the left nav, under “Services”.


Updates to Feed Structure

Written by Bill DeRusha August 17th, 2007

A short but simple math problem.

Posts being emailed without authors + gratuitous use of the pronoun “I” = confused readers.

Simple, right!? Unfortunately adding authors to posts when they’re emailed is not as simple as it should be. However after a little bit of grunt work we think that you (at least that pronoun doesn’t need clarification) should be able to see the author on any posts received via email. So, as I write this I cross my fingers and hope that this post (and all subsequent posts) will now shed some light on who exactly is speaking to you in all of these formerly anonymous emails.

10 Reasons Why You Wish You Had My Internship

Written by Bill DeRusha August 8th, 2007

#10. What it offers: All the Diet Coke You Can Drink.
I generally stick to water, but if I ever get that caffeine urge I know the fridge here is faithfully stocked. The day we’re out of Diet Coke is the day I can walk to Hell and pick one out of its newly frozen over snow banks. And I like it that way.
Why you want it:
Two years of non-stop Diet Coke drinking is great. The impressive part is that in two years the cans have neither been thrown out nor recycled, resulting in the following:

Top 8 Things You Didn’t Learn if You Missed OMS: Boston

Written by Bill DeRusha July 24th, 2007

I recently attended the Online Marketing Summit: Boston, where marketers from all over Massachusetts met up to learn and discuss the newest trends in online marketing (and new spins on some older trends). This was my first summit/conference/etc, so I won’t lie to you; I was a little bit nervous. Having no idea what to expect, who to expect, or if having expectations was at all necessary; off I went. Here are the top 8 things that I learned from this event.