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July 6, 2009: I was recently providing training to a client so that they could manage their own Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising program.   In order to give them something to use as a reference, I created a “PPC Checklist” for them.

The primary factors in determining what I recommended to them were:

  1. They are currently only using Google AdWords.
  2. They are not using any automatic bid management software
  3. The person responsible for managing the PPC program has limited time to dedicate to daily management
  4. The level of advertising spend is relatively low (in the single-digit $$thousands)

June 15, 2009: While I remain mixed on how I feel about Google’s new AdWords interface, there is one cool feature that I have been taking full advantage of – viewing “real” search terms that bring traffic via PPC.


When you select “See search terms” you are presented with search queries that triggered your ads and brought visitors to your site via the ads.  This data has long been available through the Reports in Google AdWords, but the new interface brings the data right to your fingertips – all in one place for a particular Ad Group, a set of Ad groups within a Campaign, or for the entire set of Campaigns.

June 5, 2009: The following article was published in our June e-Newsletter (the newsletter is not currently open to subscribers, but we will be changing that shortly):

Why Does Social Media Marketing Take So Much Planning?

Social media marketing done wrong is worse than not doing it at all. Make the wrong move and you could create negative buzz out there.

Social Media Marketing done right is more powerful than any single direct mail campaign, trade show, or print advertising campaign you might do. More powerful than even a few mail drops, show booths, or print buys.

May 22, 2009: This post is written for all those people who have either begun their Twitter lives on the wrong foot, and as an attempt to help those of you who are just about to embark on your own Twitter initiatives.

There are plenty of very well-written Twitter tutorials out there, and you will find links to some of those at the bottom of this post.

As the title of this post indicates, this is intended to be “the most basic” Twitter tutorial I can imagine.

First, some “don’ts” when you are starting out:

April 21, 2009: The following article was published in our April e-Newsletter (the newsletter is not currently open to subscribers, but we will be changing that shortly):


People all over the Internet are attempting to define what Social Media Marketing is, how it is used, and what the benefits are.

The Conversation Prism graphic, seen below, conceived by Brian Solis, is one excellent way of thinking about how to organize social media outreach.



The social media landscape, unorganized
Organized, as The Conversation Prism,
by Brian Solis & Jesse Thomas

April 16, 2009: After some recent conversations among my friends & family about “Facebook burnout”, and my own avoidance of the site, I thought it would be interesting to collect some data here for everyone to share about how readers of our blog use Facebook.

I am assuming that the vast majority of our readers are active users of the Web for business, so the results will be (intentionally) skewed in that direction:

[poll id=”4″]

And another very short Facebook advertising poll…

[poll id=”5″]

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March 30, 2009: Let’s assume that you have some pretty good PPC ad copy in place.

The ROI is good, you’re always working on keyword management, bid levels, & landing pages.  But you are looking for an extra edge.  You know that if you can keep everything else constant, a lift in CTR may help add some extra visits & conversions (and boost Quality Score in Google AdWords).

Let me say right here that ROI is the most important factor in PPC!  (unless you are charged with brand building).

March 19, 2009:


Whether you are an agency providing Pay Per Click (PPC) services, or an in-house PPC manager, there are a number of questions you can ask that will lead to some great ad copy ideas.

Here are some questions that you can ask when preparing to write PPC ad copy:

(and, thank you Joe for your ideas!)

General Questions

AwardsHas your company or any of your products received awards?  Google AdWords allows you to mention that you have an “award-winning” product if there is supporting copy on the landing page.

March 11, 2009:


Recently a client was telling me about their Pay Per Click (PPC) program, and how there was an expectation from senior management that they always be present for a particular keyword.  A 1-word keyword.  In a competitive (i.e. expensive) keyword space.

I was saying that it is too bad that they were being asked to waste so much money.  And it is a waste!

But, I was surprised when they told me about a little trick they were using – only displaying their PPC ad for that keyword when and where the CEO would likely be!

March 6, 2009:


As part of SEMPO’s Boston Working Group, I want to help spread the word about 2 upcoming events (make sure to scroll down to see the Google Universal Search event!):

Event 1 – Networking (learn from others & make connections!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

6:00 pm

RSVP Via Meetup

Donohue’s Bar
87 Bigelow Ave
Watertown, MA 02472

This meeting will be a purely networking event. Connect with people who have the similar interest in search marketing yet experience levels tend to vary. Who knows you may find your next client, employee, employer, or mentor at this meeting.

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