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Mea Culpa, I’m Guilty of a B2B Social Media Sin

Written by Andy Komack November 5th, 2009
mea culpa

What do I always tell clients, family, friends, cocktail party-goers (whose eyes glaze over as they get the answer), etc. when they ask about how social media can really benefit a non-consumer-products company (i.e. B2B social media)?

Build relationships.  Strengthen relationships.  Be genuine.  Add value.

I always add something like “social media can help with driving traffic to your site and building links for SEO, but that isn’t the main goal.” (clients seem to enjoy this; friends, family, cocktail-party-goers – not so much).

And I believe it when I say it – and I believe it now.

Are Google AdWords Content Network View-Through Conversions Real?

Written by Andy Komack November 2nd, 2009
view through conversions

On Sep 30, 2009 Google announced a new AdWords reporting feature that measures conversions for display ads in the Content Network (display ads are image-based or rich media ads only – not text ads).

When I first saw this I was excited because it provides an extra level of measurement that was missing.

view through conversion sample from adwords

Many ad networks have had this metric available to advertisers for some time.

Google & SEO’s: The Symbiotic and Parasitic Relationship. Who’s Who?

Written by Andy Komack October 13th, 2009
parasite_wikipedia symbiosis_wikipedia
The Parasite

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Symbiotic Creatures Playing Nice

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Note for geeks and sticklers:  While parasites can have a mutually beneficial relationship (mutualism) with their host, I am questioning whether or not there is a parasitic relationship (parasitism) where the host does not benefit.

I’ve been in the SEO trenches since 2000.  Not as long as many, but long enough to form an opinion.

I’ve pretty consistently felt that SEO practitioners who follow best practices, and don’t spend time gaming the system for short-term gains, have helped organize the Internet.  This goes for SEO consultants, in-house SEO practitioners, business owners, etc.

3 Recent B2B SEO Articles Published

Written by Andy Komack October 2nd, 2009

Thought I’d do a quick post to highlight three B2B SEO articles I had published recently:

The B2B Content Equation, Strictly Business column, Search Engine Land, Sep. 30, 2009

Time + Money = Content? [too simple, and misguided]
Time + Money = no guarantee of Valuable Content
Time + Money + Creativity = Valuable Content
xTime + yMoney + Creativity = Valuable Content [Time and Money are finite variables, while Creativity is infinite and must be part of the equation]

Using Your Search Engine Presence To Benefit Your Customers, Search Engine Land, Sep 21, 2009

Content Management Systems & SEO Webinar Recording Posted

Written by Andy Komack August 12th, 2009

The recent Webinar that I participated in, along with Dave Crouch of ten24 Web Solutions, is now available online for viewing (free)  – Getting Your Website to Deliver Satisfying SEO Results.

The topic was how to evaluate the “SEO-friendliness” of Content Management Systems (CMS).


The Importance of Meta Description Tags

Written by Andy Komack August 11th, 2009

Do Meta Description Tags matter in SEO?


<meta name="description" content="KoMarketing Associates: B2B Internet marketing agency. SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing. ROI Focused, Customer Driven." />

click images to enlarge

Meta Description Tags do indeed matter.

But, they do not help with keyword rankings.

When done right, a Meta Description tag will be used by search engines as the text that sits under the clickable title/text on the search results page, AND the keyword that you targeted for that page will be in the text and bolded.

Even more important, a well-written Meta Description Tag will encourage the searcher to take the next step and visit your Web site.  In essence, a well-written Meta Description Tag will increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) of your organic search listing.

Choosing a CMS That Works With SEO

Written by Andy Komack July 30th, 2009

Maintaining a website can be a pain.

Content Management Systems definitely make managing a website’s content easier.  But not all CMS platforms help you keep up with the fast pace of improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

I will be hosting a free Webinar, along with Dave Crouch of ten24 Website Solutions, that will highlight features you should look for in a CMS that allow for maintaining SEO best practices and that help make content & structural changes to a website easier.


Hope you can join us!

These Blog Posts Are Worth Pointing Out

Written by Andy Komack July 14th, 2009

Over the past year or so I have written roughly 30 blog posts.  Some have been better-written than others, and some have had more value than others (that’s blogging for you!).

There are some posts that I have written that I wish had received more exposure than they did.  I might have published them on a day of the week, or time of day, that was not optimal.  The titles of the posts might not have been as compelling as they could have been.  The right people in KoMarketing’s social networks might have seen them.  There are many reasons why the posts did not see the readership that I think they deserve.

How Fast Should Social Media Marketing Show Results?

Written by Andy Komack July 9th, 2009

Here at KoMarketing, we have always asserted that Social Media Marketing is a long-term effort.  But, there are often impatient executives waiting to hear what results have been generated from their (reluctant) investment.

We may all have different definitions of what constitutes success, but, in your opinion, how long should it take to see the first positive results from Social Media Marketing that can be shown to the executive team?

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